Newly Renovated Gloria Maris in Greenhills

May 12, 2013

Gloria Maris Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
5700885   7159525   4661998

To officially celebrate my first official Mother's Day, we had dinner at the newly renovated Gloria Maris Restaurant in Greenhills. We invited my side of the family as well as my SIL to join and celebrate with us.

Assorted Combination 4 pax PhP 1750

We didn't expect the shabu-shabu area would be full at half past six in the evening.We also didn't have any reservation so we ended up waiting a good one and a half hour just to get a table. We opted for two tables positioned side by side unless we wanted to wait a bit longer for the people seated at the round table to check out, ok, not going to happen ; p

At around 8 in the evening, we were comfortably seated and ready to order with our happy, smiling faces : ) The picture shown above was the order of table #1 which consists of my parents and brother. They decided to order a set menu instead of ticking off ingredients one by one. 

In a large serving plate, there's chicken, pork and beef. That's not all, there's also squid, tiger prawn, meat balls and kani sticks.

On another large bowl were the other ingredients like tofu, veggies and noodles which completes their shabu-shabu experience, you can view the photo after the break....

also included in Assorted Combination 4 pax PhP 1750

 In this bowl, you will find at least two kinds of veggies, tofu, taro, corn and their choice of noodles. The chicken clear soup costs PhP 185 while a bowl of rice costs PhP 65.

table #2 

DH, my sister, SIL and I were seated in table #2. DH ticked off several items on the paper handed over to us. I was not able to take the photos of the other ingredients because I was already eating by the time the rest of the ingredients were served to our table.

Anyway, here's what we ordered:

  • Double Soup in Pot PhP 235
  • Imported Beef PhP 288
  • Local Fat Beef PhP 228
  • Beef Tendon PhP 168
  • Pork Liver PhP 158 (in the photo)
  • Mushroom Meat Ball PhP 210
  • Fresh Prawns PhP 368 (in the photo)
  • Lobster Ball PhP 210 (in the photo)
  • Polonchay PhP 148
  • Watercrest PhP 158
  • Fresh Black Mushroom PhP160
  • Golden Mushroom PhP 295 (in the photo)
  • Fresh Sweet Corn PhP 148
  • Fried Taro PhP 148 (in the photo)
  • Sotanghon PhP 148 (in the photo)

Gloria Maris' dipping sauce

My favorite dipping is peanut sauce- found in the lower right portion of the photo. I can't get enough of it ; p

The service was fast and efficient. Be sure to leave a tip because service charge is not included with the bill.

My first Mother's Day celebration turned out well. Now, where to celebrate Father's Day? Any suggestions?

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