3 Magalonas Reunited By Oishi Prawn Crackers

May 23, 2013

Oishi Launch
7th High
Bonifacio High Street

In celebration of things that are never forgotten, three generations were brought together by a Filipino snack in one astonishing video. Pancho, Francis and Elmo were seen all together in "Kaleidoscope World" music video powered by the number one snack in the Philippines, Oishi Prawn Crackers.

 The Magalona Family

Pancho Magalona, Famas Best Actor Awardee 1958

Francis Magalona, King of Pinoy Hip-Hop

Elmo Magalona, a rising star
Watch Francis interacting and singing with Elmo, you can also catch Pancho dancing and being his groovy self in one amazing video right after the break...

Kaleidoscope World Forever More

Yes, the impossible is made possible by Oishi!

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