Bianca Gonzalez for CloseUp White Now

Last Thursday, I attended the launching of CloseUp White Now toothpaste's latest endorser, Bianca Gonzalez at The Conservatory in Manila Peninsula Hotel.

 Bianca Gonzalez 

For celebrity, model, columnist and host Bianca Gonzalez, beauty can't wait. During the launch, she shared her quick beauty fixes. One of them is a tube of CloseUp White Now for that instant killer white smile.

CloseUp White Now acts as a concealer that hides the blemishes. It's Blue Foam Technology covers the yellowish stains on teeth.

For her other quick fixes, read more after the break....

In her kikay kit, there's a MAC lip liner in Cherry. "I really love lip liner for long lasting vibrant, red lips." quips Bianca. Another instant quick fix is a green concealer, "to cover up those difficult red blemishes." she says.

Interested to find out more of Bianca's quick fixes? Visit CloseUp's Youtube and CloseUp website starting June 21!

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