Colorful Bonding Moment with Crayola

June 8, 2013

Gymboree Play & Music
Shangri-la Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Blvd.,

My baby girl attended her first ever event last Saturday... yipee! We were invited by AMSPEC (Amalgamated Specialties Corporation), makers of T-Pencil and Crayola products, to join in an afternoon of Arts and Crafts.

 activity #2: DIY hand puppet

We arrived at the venue an hour late, parents and their kids were already doing activity number 2 ; p Kids/activities were segregated by age group. I think my little girl was the youngest of them all ; )

AMSPEC and Gymboree provided all the materials needed for the DIY hand puppet. All we needed to do was follow the instructions of the teacher.

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 materials needed

  • Crayola SO BIG 8 Crayons
  • GLU
  • Brown paper bag
  • paper plate
  • art paper

 our finished hand puppet

Tip: More often than not, parents panic when their child puts a pencil or crayon in his/her mouth. The best response when that happens is to divert a child's attention by showing him/her how to use the implement the prescribed way and by purchasing safe and kid-friendly products like Crayola and T-Pencil.

Both products are registered with the Food and Drug Administration as prescribed by law. All raw materials used for T-Pencil- from its cedar wood, lacquer, rubber, ferules or metal parts- are tested to ensure the absence of toxic elements. The pigments used in Crayola products are non-toxic and imported from the US and have also passed European EN 71.3 testing.

 kids attentively listening to the teacher telling a story

There was a story telling in between each activity. Kids, seated on a tent-like mat,  gathered around the teacher and were all paying attention including my little one ; )

 activity #3: DIY carnival tent hat

 materials needed

  • Crayola Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers 
  • Coffee paper filter
  • GLU
  • pom-pom

 my baby caught seriously working on her craft ; p

 tadah... our finished product!

After our activities and before we can all eat our snacks, kids were encouraged to pack away the materials used. The teacher sang a catchy tune and the kids surprisingly followed.

We had fun socializing with other parents and their children ; ) Till the next baby event!

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