Everyday Mom Healthy and Yummy Cupcakes

June 22, 2013

Everyday Mom
Scout Tuazon cor Roces Avenue,
Quezon City
7101254   09224210466

Last Saturday, after attending an event in Rockwell, my family and I headed to Santuario de San Jose (St. Joseph the Patriarch) in Buffalo corner Duke St., East Greenhills to submit the documents (photocopy of marriage contract and birth certificate) needed to facilitate the baptism of my little princess ; )

After which we stopped by a quaint cupcake shop along Scout Tuazon, aptly named Everyday Mom, for some healthy merienda.

 Carrot cupcake PhP 40

Moist and wholesome carrot cake with walnuts and topped with delectable cream cheese frosting

First, I spotted the Carrot cupcake (my favorite!) on the cake cooler stand. Then the Black and White cupcake which Everyday Mom is famous for ; ) I ordered a piece of Cafe Mocha and finally to roundup the cupcakes, I ordered Chocolate Banana. 

Everyday Mom's commitment: To offer products baked in stainless steel pans and made with unbleached flour, aluminum-free leaveners, healthy oil and natural flavors

Carrot cupcake tastes a bit different- in a good way. The contributing factor must be the cream cheese frosting or the equally moist cupcake. Whatever it is, I can tell you this, I can eat two or three Carrot cupcakes in one seating- if only there's no other cupcakes waiting for me to taste ; p

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 Black and White cupcake PhP 40

Rich chocolate cupcake with a heavenly cheesecake center

Ever since I saw a photo of Black and White cupcake on Instagram, I can't seem to get it out of my mind. Well, it must be the foodie in me. I started with food blogging, remember? 

Anyway, if it were up to me, I would put more cream cheese in this mix ; p I love cream cheese, who doesn't?

 Cafe Mocha cupcake PhP 40

Moist chocolate cake with a splash of coffee and topped with mocha whipped cream

After tasting Cafe Mocha, my mom asked if there is a cup of brewed coffee available. She said sweets like this is best paired with a hot coffee. I think they stopped serving brewed coffee, that's sad, noh?
 Chocolate Banana cupcake PhP 30

Deep, moist chocolate cake made more delightful with fresh bananas and glazed with bittersweet ganache

After eating two chocolate cupcakes, nasawa na ako hahaha Don't get me wrong, Chocolate Banana is a nice combination too. In fact, I can really taste the banana within the chocolate cupcake. Sigh... I think I just had too much chocolate in one day!

There are only four variants of cupcakes available but there are other treats like butter-free brownies and cookies and also chilled desserts which I will definitely come back for. 

Now I know where to go if I am craving for something sweet and healthy ; ) Have you tasted any cupcakes from Everyday Mom? What's your favorite?

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