#babyMartinez OOTD at Mondeo Park in Toronto

The weather was fine today so we were able to visit a park called Mondeo. It is located a few blocks away from where we live.

 Mondeo Park

Look at the clear blue sky, if only we could have that in Manila, I would be the happiest person because I love looking at it.  I envy the people living here because they could wake up to it every single day. 

The park was deserted when we got there but not for long. Read more after the break...

 80 Mondeo Drive


slide and monkey bars

 spring rider

There are actually two of these spring rider but she prefers this blue whale rider.

 outfit of the day

  • Minnie Mouse pink fleece jacket
  • t-shirt and leggings from Children's Place
  • pink socks
  • Hello Kitty shoes

 our neighborhood


DH and l

DH is thinking of retiring here in the future. Well, we still have a long way to go and he may decide otherwise. In the meantime, wait for my next entry about Swiss Chalet.

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