Globe DSL sucks!

Every month since we started subscribing to Globe DSL- we switch from Bayan DSL-  last August 2007. We haven't had a single month with perfect, yes, i mean 30 days full connection. At least 1 week of the month, I will have disconnections. Or worse, twice a month, I have to complain to their CS for intermittent disconnections.

June month started with no connection since June 4. When I call their 919-8888 CS landline to complain, either they drop my call or I have to endlessly wait and listen to their fucking song that repeat over and over again as if testing your patient to wait for someone in their customer service to answer.

And when a CS answer my call, they would let me wait for another 5 minutes to check on my account, as if I have not waited enough grrrrr.  When she gets back to me, the report that I am following up last month have cropped up and she tells me that a report for last month (May) have not yet been closed and that they are still working it out. I explain to her that they have already restored connection last May and this June is a NEW problem. The CS then tell me that my connection will be restored the soonest time possible. How soon, I ask. CS can't give a definite time frame. What the #@#  I am a paying customer here. CS would then answer, they will just rebate the service not delivered.

Hello..... for every month that I complained for service interruption, I only got twice (?) rebate amounting to PhP 20 pesos not even pro rated for one day and not even enough for the headache that their connection gives me. I don't care about their rebates. I want service satisfaction that seems they cannot do. Terrible! I can't wait for their lock- in period to come to an end. any feedback on PLDT DSL Q.C. area?