Saturdate at Hanamaruken Trinoma

January 4, 2013

Hanamaruken Ramen Philippines
2nd Level, Trinoma Mall
(where Ramen X used to be located)

Since my all around maid left last December, DH and I have been eating out more and more. Well, I think that's good news for my blog and bad news for my diet lol Last night, we went to Trinoma because DH was looking for a fairly new ramen restaurant but we were at lost because we don't know its name lol Well, looking for it was not hard because Hanamaruken was the only restaurant on the second floor that has a long line of people waiting outside its restaurant's door. We were lucky we were there before 7pm, there's only two names ahead of mine. By the time we were seated, I saw the cheery receptionist listing names of the people wanting to taste Osaka's beloved "Happiness" ramen  at the back of the paper she was holding.... gaaaah! I wonder how long the others could wait.

Happiness Rice Bowl PhP 250

OMG! I never thought that I would really end up happy after eating a bowl of Happiness ; p It so tender, meaty and juicy! It was so tender that I ended up eating part of the bone... aack! I love that they only use Japanese rice. It was filling too!

Where's the ramen? Read more after the break...

Edamame PhP 130

I used to squirm whenever I see edamame, not anymore! Ever since DH forced me to eat a piece, it has become a acquired taste.

Happiness Ramen 480

 Everyday at 6pm, Osaka locals queue religiously at the 40 branches of Hanamaruken, The secret? a Shoyu Tonkatsu ramen topped with a dark, tender and slow-braised pork rib. They call it "happiness" ramen.

DH is the ramen lover. If he gives a thumbs up sign, it must be good! He finished everything, no evidence. If it's not that good, I don't know what to call it ; p

I was a bit disappointed though because I was expecting a piping hot ramen. The one served to us was warm but not hot. Ramen Nazis, you tell me, should ramen be served that way?

Pot Belly Rice Bowl PhP 225

This Pot Belly Rice Bowl was not as saucy as my Happiness Rice Bowl but it was just as tender and flavorful. How did I know? Because I took one bite-sized piece ; p  I ordered this for #yayaMartinez.

after photo of my Happiness Rice Bowl; take note of the bone in horizontal position, it was almost half the size of the other two because I accidentally ate it lol

Green Tea PhP 80

Green tea drink tasted just like the green tea ice cream I ate in Japanese restaurants in Toronto. I like it, not too sweet but not bland either.

I don't know when Hanamaruken opened but the restaurant was still using manual handwritten slip. Always check the amount on your bill because I was accidentally charged for a bowl of Pot Belly ramen which costs PhP 380 instead of Pot Belly rice bowl (PhP 225).

Other than that, the service was fast and efficient. There's no service charge. I highly recommend that you should try this new restaurant.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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