A bit disappointed on Kozui

July 26, 2008

Kozui Green Tea
258 B Tomas Morato St.,
Quezon City

I  have visited Kozui many times in the past but my latest visit was a bit disappointing. We ordered Spinach Soup for PhP 120, Takoyaki at PhP 98, Onigiri Tuna Mayo- PhP 98, and for our main course Spicy Dandon and Toridon PhP 168 and PhP 188 respectively.

Toridon - PhP 188

Toridon is actually chicken teriyaki under a different file name hehe It was supossed to be my order but I let my DH snatched it away under my nose because he doesn't want to eat his order which was Spicy Dandon, a lot like the Japanese version of Bibimbop- but Bibimbop (Korean) is way better than this one and tasted better too!

Spicy Dandon- PhP 168

Takoyaki Balls- PhP 98

Spinach Soup- PhP 120

The Spinach Soup was good to share. It was a good. 

Onigiri Tuna Mayo- PhP 98

Onigiri Tuna Mayo is cooked not raw Tuna so I had the courage to taste it and it was not bad at all. One order has two huge roll so huge that when you bite into it, it will tend to be a bit messy as the rice will fall apart.

Now I wish that we were back in Cafe Monaco instead. Their Takoyaki Balls seems to be getting a bit smaller these days and the lack of presentation seem to add to my disappoinment. Anyway, seems like it will be many more months before we will ever go back to Kozui. If ever you've been there tell me if they have improved on their Takoyaki Balls hehehe

water with lemon and glasses are available even on the second floor

a bit expensive