Mama Mia! Fever

When I went to Toronto 5 years ago and watched the play Mama Mia! I was so engrossed that I have its CD and hummed along with every song there is to it. And now with the movie shown a few weeks ago, I urge DH to watched it together inside a theater as opposed to waiting for it to be available for download *cheapskate that we are* DH was kidding me that I might sing and dance inside the movie house and he would be ashamed for me hehehe THAT didn't happen!

Mama Mia

Meryll Streep and Pierce Brosnan portrayed their character so well that they were just like playing and not acting. Brosnan was a bit awkward though when he sings. His "James Bond look" was nowhere in sight, he was groovy in this film. Meryll Streep can actually sing . I like her solo number up in the hills "The Winner Takes It All" It showed that not only is she a good actress but also a can do singer.
I still have the CD with me and I play it every now and then especially when I want to relax and on my way to my yoga practice. Coming up the download of the movie's soundtrack hehe