iPhone rave... no more!

Globe announces last Saturday August 16 in Inquirer broadsheet that it is slashing its iPhone price even before they release it. What does this mean? They have taken reservations in advance, and maybe, just maybe, with their unbelievably price mark up and the economy now in the Philippines where soaring commodity prices hikes up, nobody as in NOT ONE have reserved lol People know that iPhone is sold much lower in the States, they are not dumb! Globe wants to cash in on iPhone craze but they have to fire the people who made the initial pricelist for the phone for coming up with unrealistic price mark up.

Here is a link for the NEW and IMPROVED ?! pricelist of iPhone with Globe:

Compared to the US pricelist of iPhone, which cost USD 199 and USD 299 for 8gb and 16gb respectively, those suckers at Globe are taking advantage of the vulnerability of the Filipino people- granted they have the money to buy it.

I, for one, would wait till the hooplah wpuld die down and for sure the other entrepreneur filipinos would sell 3G iPhone in Greenhills in no time *sheepish grin*

But for those of you who can't wait, are so excited and would want to splurge your money so you can get your hands on the not so NEW gadget, be still and have yourself invited tomorrow.