8 Spices Thai Cuisine

My Visit: May 11, 2009

8 Spices Thai Cuisine
2nd fl., Il Terrazo,
Tomas Morato cor.
Sct. Madrian, QC
3321896 3321897


May is a month where we celebrate three occasions in my family. First being my birthday, then Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary.

DH and I see to it that we go out on a date during our anniversary. For our 6th anniversary, we tried a new restaurant in Tomas Morato St. Il Terrazo, housed different restaurant but the attractive signage of 8 Spices was what caught our eyes as we were about to park our car.

While DH was parking the car, I was scouting the restaurant's menu and its diners, mostly families. The menu looked inviting and so I went in and got a table for two.

Special Thai Iced Tea- PhP 85

I ordered their special thai iced tea. The drink was too sweet, I had to request for a glass of water to balance the taste. I was still not satisfied after mixing the water into the iced tea. At the end of the meal, I still was not able to finish it and made sure the waitress knew of my comment.

Pork Ribs with Honey- PhP 305

Beef Rendang- PhP 380

DH would always order Beef Rendang whenever we dine in a Thai restaurant. The beef is tender but the vegetables are half cooked and a little hard to chew on. But their fall off the bone Pork Ribs is a must try, truly satisfying. Good quality Thai rice is hard to come by in many restaurants but in this restaurant, we got what we wanted.

We will be coming back to try other items on the menu but I'll keep in mind not to order their special iced tea anymore lol Btw, rice is at PhP 60 each quite pricey but sure is worth it!