Angels' Kitchen

My visit: June 24, 2009

Angels' Kitchen
57 Connecticut St.,
North East Greenhills, San Juan
7441018 7218822

My BFF and I had the chance to meet and have a little tete-a-tete in this quaint restaurant. I am quite surprised to see at how expensive the price on their menu. Just the same, we were already there and opted to try it out. I am glad we did!

Shitake Mushroom with Unagi- PhP 338

We asked the server to split the main dish, shitake mushroom with unagi, into two. It was very filling. The taste is just right. No over flowing sauce. I love it! And the banana shake that I've ordered is heavenly lol Never mind the comment of my husband when he saw my food receipt and said that I gained a thousand calories from it. He never tasted it so he will never know how good it was.
bread and chicken liver pate

caffe lungo- PhP 88

It was just merienda for me and lunch at 3pm for my BFF. And even though we only ordered one pasta, we were very satisfied. I will be coming back with C and maybe I'll let my DH take me on a date in this restaurant.

banana shake- PhP 128

The service, from the security guard who informed me that my headlights were still on after I parked to the attentive and knowledgeable waitress who served us, is top notch. I liked that they place a glass water bottle on our table so we won't keep on asking for water. What more can you ask for?


I recently brought my family back to Angels' Kitchen last October 17, 2010. It was raining really hard but with Angels Kitchen  comfort food we felt homey and warm right away.

soft shell crab salad PhP308

For my last two visits, a favorite order is soft shell crab salad. I maybe biased because I love soft shell crab as much as I love lamb and of course, sweet and sour pork haha

 ostrich salpicao PhP418

Have you tried eating an ostrich? They serve ostrich here. Tastes like beef so don't fear about tasting new stuff, ok?

lengua con sefas PhP488

Eeeep! This is definitely not my order. I don't like raw as well as lengua. The thought of tongue makes me puke! But my parents loved it!

I want to go back for the banana shake ; p