Daifu Noodle House- Avalanche

My visit: June 6, 2009

Daifu Noodle House
886-B Banawe St., QC

mango/ mango jelly and red mongo combination- PhP 50

red mongo and taro combination- PhP 50

There is a big advertisement hanging just outside this restaurant regarding the new Avalanche- a dessert famous in Taiwan. It seems that more and more restaurant in Banawe are going Taiwanese lol

DH and I had to try the dessert. The verdict... huge serving, very filling, but not that great on the taste though. The ice is perfect melt in your mouth. So what might be wrong, you ask? It's the ingredients. The mango/jelly ratio is not proportioned. Real mango bits are few. The red mongo was ok but not that soft. The taro is chewy though. The milk is poured on the ice unlike in Taiwan where the shaved iced already has a flavor.

Feng Wei Wee is another Taiwanese restaurant in Banawe that offers the crushed ice dessert. It closely resembles the taiwanese version. So, compare and tell me if I am wrong.

no service charge