David's Tea House

My visit: July 25, 2009

David's Tea House
U/G CCTM Square
Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
385304 4411491

This was probably our second time to eat in this particular branch. Mainly because whenever we were in CCTM Square, we would end up eating in Meylin Pot and Noodle House on the second floor. The day we went, Meylin was still close. It was 5:30pm. I think the only restaurants that were open were David's and Gloria Jeans. We opted for the former.


The interior is brightly lit and I think there is a second floor dining area too.

Here is what we ordered:

pork asado pao PhP70

Medyo mataba ang asado nila. Causeway pa din ako!

fish fillet beancurd in pot PhP300

Must order ito ang dami eh and masarap siya in fairness.

4 season string beans with minced pork PhP198

Sa string beans, Meylin pa din ako walang tatalo. Napuna niyo ba na mahilig kaming mag order ng string beans. It's actually the favorite of my DH, nahawa lang ako lol

salt and pepper eel PhP300

This one is a special order na wala sa kanilang menu. Nagkataon lang na meron ito that day. DH saw on their white board that there was an eel that was available for order. We asked what is "snp" written beside the eel. It turned out that it was salt and pepper. We ordered one and it was good and an order is aplenty. It's worth your moolah. We got to take home a lot of left overs.

An order of rice is PhP35 and Soya Milk is PhP35. There is also a free basement parking. And they also deliver.