Patisserie Caroline

My visit: July 15, 2009

17 M. Paterno St.,
Pasadena, San Juan
3570117 7226839 09179072093

I have been to Cinese Foot Spa just beside this quaint restaurant but I didn't notice it until two days ago. It was my aunt who discovered this bakery cafe. The interior was inviting. Upon entering, baked goods like mamon, bun, pandesal and muffin where lined and set up so that you can easily see the product that they are offering. On your right would be the order counter and a huge menu board with food pictures posted on the wall.


On my way in, I got corned beef pandesal PhP 30, sausage bun PhP35, mamon PhP22, blueberry muffin PhP 30 and cheese muffin PhP 30. I placed it on the counter. I only liked the corned beef pandesal. After all, how can you go wrong with it? lol DH didn't like the blueberry muffin which is his baon in the office. I didn't like my cheese muffin too.We both have the same distaste about the muffins. There is strong dry feeling in your mouth after eating it. With regards to the mamon, I think they use margarine instead of butter or it comprises of too much butter. Something is wrong with it. And the butter and cheese on top tends to adhere to the plastic so I ended up with a dry mamon too. I can't say anything about the sausage bun because I gave it to my mom.

14 seater cafe

the toilet is behind that green wall

cakes anyone?

They are offering discounts on some of the cakes. And there is a combo of cake and coffee for I think PhP99 only. But I didn't try it. I think I should have. I think the cake would be its saving grace. Maybe next time.


The owner, Caroline, tends to her customers herself. She is gracious when we request for hot water, extra plate and utensils. She lacks PR though. Maybe she is a bit shy.

free cafe americano with every order of rice meal

chicken teriyaki- PhP 149

tocino- PhP 149

Menu were given out as soon as we were seated. I pointed to the drawing on the menu board and asked the waitress what it was, she told me tocino so I placed an order of one. When my order came it turned out that the picture on board was a longanisa. I often confused the two and maybe so was the girl attending to us. And so on top is the picture of my tocino. Buti nalang it's not burnt. And my tocino tasted like tocino hehe It came with garlic rice and an egg. Ketchup was given upon request.

My aunt ordered teriyaki chicken. She liked it but for me it lacked the sweetness of teriyaki and tasted more of soy sauce. Both orders came with a choice of cafe americano, hot choco or house blend iced tea.

Ample parking space is available at the front of the cafe. No service charge on the bill. On my next stop, I'll try their cakes. Photo taken with my nokia N70.