Thai at Silk

My visit: July 12, 2009

Thai at Silk Thai Fine Cuisine
Unit 1C12 Ground floor
Serendra Piazza
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Thai at Silk

Whenever we go to Serendra, I always wanted to try this restaurant. But more often than not, we ended up elsewhere. But last Sunday was another opportunity that we couldn't pass. And so, we entered a half full restaurant and was greeted by a receptionist. We get to choose where to seat. I chose the the one with the back cushion. DH felt that the chair was a bit high against the table which is a bit low.

view from the inside

wall design

uniquely themed chandelier

high chairs and low tables

flowers adorned the walls

The interior is very inviting and at the same time intimidating. What, with the bulky chandeliers hanging on top of you, the flowers and the candles that is on display on the wall and the shabby chic design of the tables and chairs, you can only feel two emotions at the same time.


paper mat

behind me is an intricate wall design

We had no problem ordering from their extensive menu. The manager suggested the must try entree on their menu and at the same time asked if we prefer pork, fish or beef and then recommend from there. We ended up ordering pork ribs, beef curry, soft shell crab in salt and pepper sauce and kaffir rice.

our orders

marinated baby back ribs- PhP245

Everything was delightful. Although the pork ribs' taste wasn't that exceptional. It was my order lol palpak! Don't get me wrong, the pork is tender but it was dry. It was just not the best compared to what our other orders were.

aromatic beef curry- PhP 435

Their beef curry is very tasteful. I asked for mild and the spiciness was just enough for me. Though DH said that he didn't taste a hint of spice at all hmmmp! I know he was just kidding~

khao phad kaffir rice PhP 140

The kaffir rice was another suggestion by the manager whom I forgot to get the name. Sayang, he was so accommodating pa naman. He even asked us if we enjoyed the food that he recommended.

soft shell crab black in pepper sauce- PhP 435

I heart the soft shell crab. I am a fan! I can go back to this restaurant just for this order. It was the only dish that I was not able to take home because we finished the whole order in the restaurant. The other two, we were able to take home the rest.

note the oracare in the wash room

I will come back for more!