All new interior of Cafe Monaco!

My visit: November 28, 2009

Cafe Monaco
SKS Bldg.
647 Banawe St.,
Quezon City

After typhoon Ondoy struck, many establishments that have been affected have undergone renovation. Cafe Monaco is one of them. It has been a wonderful site to see that Cafe Monaco is back in the game. Now, boasting leather couch seats and mix matched furniture.


The food and service are still the same. 2 kinds of appetizers were served and a pitcher of water placed on our table.


bibimbop with lots of kojujang

DH and I usually share just one order of bibimbop but he was so hungry that time when he ordered and did not want to share ;p We like to ask for an extra kojujang for that extra kick on our bibimbop.

beef pita pocket

The beef pita pocket is by far the best from the three choices of pita pocket. The other two are chicken and pork.

ebi tempura 4pcs. PhP170

I ended up ordering beef pita pocket and ebi tempura for myself lol But hey, eyes off me, DH got one of the two pita pockets! I ate only the beef and a portion of the pita bread because I still have my ebi tempura lol

This is the first time I've have tried their tempura. I would recommend this because it's very crunchy and they didn't scrimp on the main ingredient. And for only PhP170 with rice na, how will you able to resist it? FYI, I gave DH a piece of the tempura and had only three lol

spicy squid yummy!

 Monaco halo halo

You would not want to miss their halo halo. For one thing, their halo halo is filled with sliced fruits like mango, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple,and apple. Taste their halo halo especially the powder that they put in and the red beans. If there is anything that has changed, it's the shaved iced. The ice was now chunky not that smooth shaved ice that we were used to. Maybe they could invest in shaved ice machine in the near future. But other than that, we still have a full stomach afterwards and still love their halo- halo.


The crepe is a bit greasy. I only ordered this just once without any filling. I might try it with fillings next time. 

Burp! Till my next food post!