Abe where good friends dine

My visit: January 9, 2010

G/F Serendra, Retailer Area,
Bonifacio Global CIty, Taguig City
8560526 8567696

OK, DH and I did not eat everything on the picture. Orders were shared among his 10 friends from his university. Last Saturday was a mini reunion of sort. Two of his college friends who were working overseas were back here on vacation.

l-r watermelon ginger shake, iced tea

Since DH has cough, watermelon ginger shake was his order. I was curious as to how it tasted. Well, it tasted with only a slight hint of ginger so it was ok with me. DH did not like it at all.

kare- kare ala bistro burgos PhP475

I requested for an all meat kare- kare. And I got it! Taste was superb. Bagoong was not needed anymore.


I don't like innards so I left this out and did not taste it at all.

squid tactics PhP196

This was a great appetizer. In fact when our first order was finished in no time, we ordered two more! The sauce was hot! Beware! We also ordered green mango and bagoong salad PhP95.

binukadkad na pla pla PhP325

This was so crispy and huge I might add. An overgrown tilapia fried to perfection.

the day after PhP355

Otherwise known as lechon paksiw. I remember how my mom used to take home pork lechon left overs and make it into lechon paksiw the next day. I assume that's how they came up with the name of the dish. We also ordered sinigang na bangus belly with ripe guava PhP330.

It was a night filled with reminiscing about their university days. The restaurant's tag- where good friends dine- was an apt description of that night!