New Find: Romulo Cafe

My visit: February 21, 2010

Romulo Cafe
32 Scout Tuazon cor.
Scout Lazcano, Quezon City

Two of my friends were raving about Romulo Cafe. Of course, I have to try it out. Last Sunday, DH said a friend of his was coming over, it got me thinking that this will be my chance to urge DH to try this restaurant!

Good thing we went there post dinner time as diners were already checking out. But still we needed to wait for 20 minutes for our table to be ready. This restaurant must be really good to have such a huge following. The restaurant was in full swing that night!

memorabilia of Carlos P. Romulo at main dining

The main dining can seat approximately 45 persons. Black and white dominate the color of this room. The flooring if I am not mistaken, is hand painted. Even the lines on the ceiling too!

dining area al fresco

one of the three  function rooms on the second floor

I am Filipino by Carlos P. Romulo

There are three function rooms available and each room has a minimum consumable amount ranging from PhP5, 000 to PhP10, 000. The rates would vary though on weekend. I was not able to take a peek in the two other rooms because the rooms were occupied.

There is only one toilet for male/female but it's spacious. The set up is not good though if the restaurant is always this full.

cool as cucumber PhP95

DH couldn't muster to try this and when he did he didn't like it. I, on the other hand, could not
care less. If it's a juice, I will drink it hahaha It doesn't taste bad at all. Some might be shying away from ordering it because of cucumber but this drink makes it alright!

tuna sisig PhP215

With the sisig word alone, I don't want to taste this order already. When this was served, we asked what it was. Usually, sisig is served on grilled plate. DH egged me to try it because first, he believed it doesn't have innards and second, according to him the taste was OK. When I tasted the dish, it's a bit sour and the calamansi flavor was empowering. Maybe they made this dish that way to masked the lansa of the tuna.

boneless crispy pata PhP625

The three of us almost finished this dish. What's left of it were the upper left portion of the picture above which we took home. It is still in our refrigerator lol It's crispy but the serving is a tad small for its price.

ginataang sigarillas PhP160

We ordered this not knowing what singarillas mean. I started singing the bahay kubo. I know sigarillas was included in that song lol So, we ordered this out of curiosity hahaha And guess what? We liked it!

lengua PhP260

Geez, I can't even push myself to try lengua. Enough said. Both DH and his friend were able to finish this order so it must be good. Rice is cheap at PhP25.

 lava rock PhP165

bananalicious PhP120

I always make room for dessert! These two orders were so yummy!

Now, I know why my friends were raving about this place not only because the place is new but there are new food to be discovered. Next trip, on my list is kare- kare!