Spotted: MrsMartinez in Serenitea!

I am a pearl milk tea convert ever since I discovered Serenitea in their Wilson St. branch. Now, almost every Saturday, I urge my DH to go to their branch in N. Roxas St. branch in Banawe, Q.C. 

One time, while waiting for my order to be prepared, I looked around and took some pics. And what do I see? A closer look at one of their "Thank You" wall is a screen cap of my blog! Should I feel sikat na? lol Ibang level na kasi ito eh!

 a screen cap of my blog displayed on their wall


Last Saturday, I tried the Uji Matcha. With 50% sugar, the drink was still sweet. DH doubted that I requested for 50% sugar. In return, I showed him what's written on the side of my drink which states 50%. I totally drank the whole cup! Large, PhP80, if you must know!

Hay! I just found out today, March 24, 2010, in their Wilson branch that Uji Matcha was not supposed to be added with sugar! Grrrrrr! So, that's why my drink tasted sweet! No wonder! Banawe branch... I hope you are reading this!

I vow to try their top 10! I've already tried their Hokkaido, Royal, Okinawa and just today the strawberry milk tea, claimed in Wilson branch! The strawberry milk tea was the drink I got for free upon completing the stamp card ;p

Waiting in agony for the next saturday!