UCC Cafe Terrace... mediocre salad with high price tag!

My visit: March 7, 2010

UCC Cafe Terrace
Lobby Level, Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City

My family and I had a late afternoon snack last Sunday. We were thinking something light for dinner and my mom suggested and raved about the seafood salad of UCC.

We ordered two seafood salad. We requested to split both orders into two.  The picture below shows the split or half of the order.

seafood salad PhP389

Now, the problem was not with the dressing, even though it's a bit oily. Not even the tempura shrimp or the battered scallop but on the vegetable itself. The picture below showed that almost half of my veggies were wilted. I even showed the waitress a piece of vegetable full of black particles. I asked her what it was. She got my piece, put it on a plate, went inside the kitchen and never came back. 


I find this order not worth it at all!

Photo taken with my new 2 megapixel Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic