New find: Yamada Miyura Slimming and Body Care Center

My visit: June 22, 2010

Yamada Miyura Slimming and Body Care Center
30 Sgt. Esguerra St.,
2nd level of Sanctuario Spa
Autosource Bldg., South Triangle,
Quezon City
5007937 3326116

My BFF was egging me to check out the newest slimming center in Quezon City- Yamada Miyura. The location is very near ABS- CBN, the local TV station. The center had an ample parking space especially if you have an afternoon appointment.

I had the chance to visit the slimming center twice. I was given a free body analysis and was invited to try their various treatment machines...yey! I will divulge my body analysis result at the end of my post lol

For my first visit, I was there to have a consultation and at the same time have a comprehensive body analysis. 

We were warmly greeted by the well trained staffs. And was ushered in a room to have my body analysis. 

 Arlene at the body analysis area 

We were in a rush that day and the owner was out of the country so we decided to postpone the treatments on our next visit.
We came back months after due to conflicting schedules haha Tardiness is my middle name lol BFF and I were there shortly after 2 in the afternoon.
We were both given a robe and towel and were asked if we want to take a bath because we can't take a bath immediately after the treatments. I asked what are the treatments scheduled for us that day. We were encouraged to try all the machines that they have but sadly, I only have  few hours as I still have a fashion show to attend later that night. I opted to skip the Ultratone PhP795/session. A 30 minute mean machine. Why mean? Because you can burn 500- 1,000 calories in one session. It's like sitting up and lifting weights while comfortably lying on the bed. The machine aims to tighten the sagging skin in thigh, arms, belly and can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. I won't have the energy to mingle and pose with the models if I have done it that's for sure lol

We shared only one locker but there is so much room for another person's bag/things. I say, we really  took time taking a shower haha And oh, shampoo, conditioner and soap were provided!

Grace on the weighing scale

After our shower, wrapped only in a towel, we were finally weighed in and measured. I could not bring myself to take a picture of the result of the measurements lol You, all, will be in shock haha or maybe not! But I'd rather not share the result with you ; p After weighing in, my arms, tummy and thighs were oiled and then wrapped in cellophane to protect from the heat. 

We were told to go inside the infrared sauna which I totally fret because I can't stand the heat or so I thought. At first, I even asked if I can leave the sauna anytime I feel like the heat is creeping on me. I was advised to stay inside for at least 15 minutes but guessed what? I was able to stay a good 26 minutes. Thanks to the unending
of my BFF haha And of course, the bowl of ice cubes and towel to cool us off. 
The infrared sauna is like going under the sun but without the vicious side effects. In fact, it contributes and gives you radiant and youthful skin. The infrared heater warm the body and  therefore, it also makes you lose weight.

After wiping our sweat and feeling cool air from the air conditioner, I was glad the heat was over. Now, off to bed haha Ultrafirm was on the agenda. I had the machine strapped to my arms and tummy. Can you tell my problem areas by now? boo hoo!

 ultrafirm PhP950/session

I have tried this machine in another slimming center. Normally, for first timers, the required number of power for this machine is 6. I am happy to share that 7 is my lucky number and I stayed on for a good 30 minutes. This machine is more intense than what I am used to. It gives a jolt at first because I was caught off guard by the intensity. The are three cycles/ intensity involved and each ultrasound target visceral fat- those fats surrounding your internal organs, and subcutaeous fat to liquidify the adipose and transmit lymphatic drainage. In short, it breaks down fats fast- a tongue twister whew!!

bruise below my rib cage

Next morning, I found a bruise just below my rib cage. This is what I call my tiis ganda moment! My arms and my abs are still sore from the treatments as I am writing this.  I hope the treatment works. If not, I should put my mouth on a diet lol

Ultra- sculpt Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine PhP1, 500/session

With no time for a break, I transfer to another bed for my 30 minute Ultra- sculpt treatment. My tummy was slathered with a clear gel like what they put on you when you do your ultrasound. The machine started to make whizzing sound and emitting heat. I was asked if I can bear the heat and if I can feel needle like pricking on my skin. I can feel the heat but not the sensation of needle pricking though. I felt a slight pricking when the machine goes around my armpit which I later learned has a thinner skin that's why I feel the sensation. When I was able to talk to the amiable owner, Ms. Cynthia, she told me that it's quite common not to feel a thing because first of all, this machine should be painless and woundless and you should be able to return to your normal activity immediately after the treatment. Good, and I thought I have thick skin for not feeling anything lol

BFF on Radio Frequency PhP2,000/session

I was able to take this shot of BFF because she was in relax mode and was not aware that I was able to take her picture lol She will kill me when she gets to read this haha

A metal pad is placed between me and the bed to activate the heat of the machine. How cool is that! RF produces heat to penetrate subcutaneous tissue which would result into firm tissue giving you a youthful glow. 

After my tummy's 15 minute (arms 5 minutes each) of RF machine was done, the attendant gave me a Theraslim Massage PhP800 on my tummy and arms. Theraslim Massage is a cellulite breaking massage using hands to break down fats. They have a special slimming gel that smells oh so good! A good massage to end the treatment!

As promised here are my results. The picture above showed that I am overweight by 6 pounds! OMG, does that mean I have to spend less time on the internet and blogging lol Before 52.16 and after weigh in is 51.82 kg.

I think I'm having too much internet time on my hands lol Btw, you can try all these machines for only PhP3, 500/session! A huge savings if you ask me!