Boracay Chronicle: Montenegro Lines, Cebu Pacific and other expenses

My visit: April 27, 2010

Boracay Island

What else there is to do in Boracay? But to eat, eat, eat!

El Centro Fruit Shakes

What can I say? I got tired of walking, met with DH after my shopping spree and head off to the nearest stall the sells fruit shakes- El Centro in Station 2

 Gelato Don Vito Restaurant Italiano

 Having fruit shakes in our hands didn't stop us from buying a cupful of ice cream.

shadow tells you the exact time of the day

 Gasthof Cafe Deli Grill- Home of Boracay's Famous Baby Back Ribs

Lemon ICafe

Sa'neh Thai Bar & Restaurant

We were not able to try all three restaurants featured above. We had decided to head back to La Reserve Boracay for our extra long lunch- well worth the wait.

Montenegro Lines

We get to seat in an air conditioned vessel going back to port area. We paid the same amount (PhP200) for the bus and ferry ride from Kalibo to Caticlan and back. 

Cebu Pacific propeller plane

In our online booking (5J 346 April 27, 2010 7:10pm PhP2,488.64/ 2 pax) with Cebu Pacific, DH chose a later flight to bring us back to Manila because the plane would be bigger as stated in their website. Little did we know that Cebu Pacific can change their plane with a propeller one- 20 rows; 6 pax each row if I am not mistaken. You have to be weighed in along with your baggage lol I can laugh at this now but if only you have seen my face when I saw the plane going to transport us, my jaw dropped. If your bags are more than 7 kilos, it goes directly to check in luggage.  Had we known that we were flying with this propeller plane, we would have booked Caticlan to Manila and not via Kalibo. The reason we booked Kalibo was precisely because we wanted a bigger plane. I couldn't hide my fear when I saw the plane. Although it looks new, I don't feel safe. I am afraid of heights, giving me this type of plane makes me puke. OK, not really puke but you get the point? The only saving grace was that the pilot was very good when it was time for touch down. And we landed safely back in Manila.

We had no problem with Philippine Airlines though. Our flight (PR327 April 25, 2010 7:00am PhP5,496/2 pax) was on time. DH and I had no problem whatsoever with our luggage. Both hand carried luggage were stored in the overhead bin. 

And oh, we left our car in the care of Park 'n Fly Manila. We only paid PhP951 for 2 days and 15 hours. It was our first time to use its car park service. We were very happy with the system that they implemented - no stress on our part.

Here are the fees the you have to pay if you are landing in Kalibo from Manila. (Manila- Kalibo) to the island of Boracay. 

Terminal Fee: PhP50 
Environmental & Admission Fee: PhP50 
Bus and Boat Transfer: PhP200
Tricycle from Port to any of the 3 stations: PhP100/ tricycle; multi cab PhP250 for small group; Php500 for bigger group.
Tricycle from station to station: PhP10

From Boracay to Caticlan, you only need to shell out tricycle (PhP100) to the port area and bus/boat transfer (PhP200) to Kalibo.