Training Video Shoot... an experience!

I was invited by my friend, KC, for a training video shoot. Basically, it's an improvement to the storyboard that I am used to because animation will be added during post production. Correct me if I am wrong, story boards are used as a guide for the client to visualized the campaign that the agency is trying to deliver. 

4 girls with our Artee Teehankee-creative director/videographer and Richard Estuesta, our producer/director

We arrived around 2pm and went straight to hair and make up. Our make up artist, Evelyn Gino, is fast, efficient and funny too. 

KC and C in the make up and hair department lol


C who incidentally was a former ramp model woot!

having my hair curled

KC is done with her hair and make up

having my make up done

 C and I after our make over

with Evelyn Gino

people behind the shoot


During the shoot...

getting instructions from the main man himself

sandwiched between Richard and Artee in red 

 our videographer in action

screenshot of fierce S

group of girls

I had so much fun that day! I can't wait to see the final video.

I love to make this as my new career haha Calling all talent scouts, boo!

Thanks KC, S and C for the fun day at work lol And to Richard, Artee and Arthur Lee (production manager) of DV Technologies for the wonderful experience!