New Find: Cerchio

My visit: July 30, 2010

76 Scout Limbaga cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City

I read a lot of new good stuff on Philippine Daily Inquirer. When I read about how "the Ivy Almario" designed the interiors of Cerchio- black, white and circular, I thought that this restaurant would be something else. I am crossing my fingers that the food would be as promising as well. Afterall, Cerchio and Romulo Cafe have the same owners. While Romulo Cafe centered on Filipino dishes Cerchio, an Italian word for circle, is a fusion restaurant. It was timely that my college friends have scheduled a meet up. We took the time to wear the same t-shirt we bought some months ago bearing the words "Proud Pinay" lol How cheeky!

(l-r) AC, me and GSE

Even the placemat is round lol Not black or white though haha Gevi, using the menu as a cover up is a no- no! haha

what did I tell you? black, white and circular

We stayed in the ground floor which has a more clean and streamlined look.

my friends AC and GSE (seated)

Upstairs has a more loungy feel to it. We wanted to stay there but we can't believe that every table is already reserved. Boo hoo!

The waiter encouraged us to take pose haha So, most of the group photos were captured by him lol

VIP room

Yes, you guessed it right! Like in Romulo cafe, the room has a minimum consumable amount too!


chicken tortilla wrap PhP225

This is their version of a Chinese lauriat staple- wrapped peking duck. Chicken was used instead of peking duck. Hoisin sauce was present. Piece of mandarin, cucumber and carrots too! It was alright.

(l-r) green mango shake; buko shake PhP85@

grilled shrimp salad with pomelo PhP250

For PhP250, the salad is a bit expensive. But I commend it for using fresh vegetables and not the wilted ones.

four cheese pizza PhP290

Remember 3M pizza? Feeling ko ito yun hehe na pinasosyal lol  We all agree that blue cheese is its saving grace!

grilled salmon teriyaki PhP580

"It's nothing special" GSE said when she took a bite from the salmon. We expected more because we paid a lot haha

we took a shot inside the toilet lol

I don't know why the design team couldn't make two separate toilets for the male and female patrons. The whole place is not small, so why? Don't you just hate it when you open the door and there's a man hogging the sink and the mirror or worse buttoning his fly lol Uso pa ba ang button fly? lol

I don't think DH would love it here. Maybe we will stick with Romulo Cafe for awhile. Please howler if anything has changed, ok?


Earlier this year I went back to Cerchio, along with a group of friends and DH. This time we ordered a lot of food from the Cerchio Menu. I am hoping against hope the the food will improve.

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads Php180

We all like this order. It's very crispy and hot!

Cool as Cucumber PhP95; Dalandan PhP95

Cool as cucumber is the same order I had in Romulo's Cafe. You could never be wrong by ordering this drink. I love it, truly refreshing! The dalandan juice was DH's order.

Gambas PhP250

While waitng for our other friends to arrive, we ordered Gambas. I think it's the sauce that makes this not so appealing to us. Even after everybody have taken their seats, our single order of Gambas still remained in tact. Only a few of our friends tasted it. They either don't fancy shrimp that much or it all boils down to the taste.

 mixed chicken wings (4 flavors-butter, hot, hickory bbq and teriyaki) PhP260

Apparently, the chef couldn't decide their specialty in chicken wings that they all serve it in one go. If we were not hungry at that time, we wouldn't be able to eat this.

 Lumpiang Tokyo PhP270

Seared tuna in a lumpia wrapper served with alugbati salad. I ate this with lots of vinegar. It's greasy.

Grilled Beef Quesadilla PhP310

Some of the chips were toasted as you can see in the photo. The beef is served hot! This would actually taste good if only they chose the chips that  they served.

The following food, I want to share with you but I was not able to taste it.

The crispy pata looks good. I am just too full to try it.

 sisig with quail egg on top

This sisig looks quite different with the quail egg on top. I am used to seeing quail egg boiled and not cooked sunny side up hehe

grilled fish

Not in the picture is the pumpkin malunggay soup PhP90 and crispy pata.