Omakase Japanese Cuisine

My visit: July 18, 2010

Omakase Japanese Cuisine
Ground and 2nd level
Connecticut Arcade,
Greenhills Shopping Center

It was a Sunday! DH and I almost never go out on a Sunday. Well, I do but he stays home haha We never go out together that's what I mean lol But there is always an exception like if he really needs to buy something or in this case we didn't go out on a date on Saturday.

It has been awhile since we last dine in Omakase. In fact our last visit, if I am not mistaken, was in their now closed Tomas Morato branch. It was our favorite Japanese restaurant for a time. But the last few times we have been there was kinda forgettable, to say the least, that's why it took us awhile to go back.

The restaurant was filled with family diners. We were lucky to be able to get a table but not lucky enough because we were in the middle area where waiters would pass by our table frequently. 

We ordered our favorites like:

miso PhP45

omakase salad PhP140

mt. fuji roll PhP270

Feeling ko mahal ito kasi super thin slices lang ng unaji and ang daming kanin lol

sashimi tamago 10pcs. Php125

spider maki PhP240

Super favorite ko ang soft shell crab buti nalang they have it!

nigiri saba 2pcs. PhP125

nigiri salmon 5pcs. PhP180

The last two pictures are DH's order.

After eating, we remembered why we haven't been back to Omaskase for a long time. Because it's not cheap haha And the sushis are sliced so thinly  lol So maybe we will be on hiatus once more haha