Remember When... MOD Jr. modelling days

This is a repost:

Yes, I was once a model haha I am always fond of cameras. I am not camera shy to say the least. Too bad I didn't grow tall enough and my parents were too scared to let me in on opportunities that could earn me mucho dinero when I was younger lol The fear of bad people not only in the industry but in general outweighs the money I could put in for the family ; p

MOD vol. xx no.857 February 5, 1988 page 33 by Ma. Corazon S. Lim

During reunions, my closest friends would often tease me about the 8x10 photo collage I made to look like huge backdrop on my bedroom wall, of course, it's all me in the picture. How vain is that?  haha You wouldn't think I'd put on some artist's face on my wall, would you? Nah! I love my face too much haha

I think I am continuously living my dream. Earlier this year, I modeled a wedding gown for a cousin who is a couturier on live TV! Followed it up by training video stint mid of this year for a sanitary napkin campaign. You can see more of me under my Spotted page. I told you I love myself too much, hence, this blog!

All that at the ripe old age of 34 haha There's so much I want to do and could do that even I  could get shocked! I am much confident now but not confident enough to rock the runway in lingerie ; p

I just hope I can do more of the things that I love. Hello?! commercials! Talent scouts, where the heck are you? ; p Message me!