Rexona Naturals... 24 hour protection with natural ingredients


I'll let you in on a secret. I swore off antiperspirant long ago. My underarm became dark and dry. I had to stop so my underarm skin could recover. I guess because of harsh chemicals found in each bottle. Now, I am happy that Rexona came out with a natural antiperspirant that has skin nourishing element that can protect your underarm skin from harsh ingredients. 

Rexona introduces New Rexona Natural Antiperspirant that combines natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and science to make your underarm skin nourished and revitalized while staying dry for 24 hours straight!

I love nature. Do you? Rexona came up with an earth-loving Facebook Application called Nurture Nature. Users can click the corresponding button and the gardener will execute the command such as watering and fertilizing plants, removing caterpillar and even releasing a butterfly!

Rexona Naturals... breathing more nature into your real and virtual life!

Visit and play the game of Rexona's nurture nature here.