Ashitaba Plant and its Benefit

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I have previously posted about Gynura Procumbens. A plant that has numerous benefits for our body. We stumbled upon this plant in our search for Ashitaba plant. Some mistakenly named Gynura Procumbens as the Ashitaba Plant. Their leaves might be the same but a closer look would prove it otherwise. The ridges of the leaves are more pronounced in Ashitaba plant than in Gynura Procumbens. Now , before I delve deeper, let me tell you more about the tomorrow leaf- Ashitaba.


What is Ashitaba?

Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi), also called DON QUI, a native in the Japanese island of Hachijo (Longevity Island). Ashitaba is also known as Tomorrow leaf and sometimes longevity herb because of its ability to reproduce a leaf on a daily basis. Angelica is latin for Angel. It connotes godly or heavenly effects. 

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