How To: Create Winged Eye MakeUp

If you happen to see me on events, I am sure you can recognize me because I often sport winged eyes.

What is winged eye?

Using an eyeliner, usually black for fiercer look, to flick the ends of your upper lash lines. Making your eyes look more asian.

winged eye make up

side view

front view

make up I used in this post

How to create a winged eye:
  1. I use ELF eye shadow base make up
  2. Then use KATE eye shadow in purple on my eyelids covering the entire area with a sweeping motion at the ends. Using lighter eye make up makes your winged eye make up stand out. 
  3. Using FASHION21 black eyeliner, line upper lash line carefully flicking towards the ends.  The thicker the line the better for me to brighten up my eyes.
  4. Adding black eyeliner on your lower lash line is a must for a fiercer look
  5. Be sure to connect your lower lash line to the flick of your upper lash line
  6. To make winged eye stand out, I use IANTI white eyeliner on the lower lash line where you can see the pinkish/ reddish part 
Ok, so there you have it hope this can help!