Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick: Kicked Up Coral

Using words such as Ultra, Color Rich, Mega Impact in one sentence can be too much, no? These are the descriptions of Avon's new line of lipstick!

Kicked Up Coral C401 by Avon PhP499

When Rowena got her loot- set of Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipsticks, she read the colors one by one. When she mentioned the color Coral, my eyes brightened. I love to own an orange lipstick. She generously gave it to me saying she has pink undertone and the color orange does not suit her.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick

Now, I don't know anything about undertones but I certainly love my new lipstick color! Yey!

after having lunch, Avon lip color stays

I took the last shot after eating lunch, I pressed my lips and voila! the color lasted! For a person who doesn't like retouching, this lipstick might be the one for you. I get lazy lugging compact powder and lipstick with me all the time hehe

So, Ultra? check! Color rich? check! Mega impact? check!


So, after using it several times, I find that the color fades after several hours. So, you really need to re apply as needed. But I love the color, so this will still be my staple color during events lol