Essilor Transitions lenses

And so, I shifted from plastic to metal frame. That wasn't a very wise choice but what the heck! My quest to get in the fashion circle proves to be not practical at all lol Fashion before anything else ; p

Essilor Transitions lenses PhP4, 800

And so for the big reveal... I got Transitions lenses from Essilor, makers of Varilux (progressive lens), Nikon and Crizal Alize Coating (double coating used for the lens)! My lenses are more expensive than my Baby Phat eyeglass frame. Eeer, DH told me that I am nuts! And that I should not have picked out the tiniest frame. Transferring the lenses to another eyeglass frame in the future is now out of the question. Sometimes, I think I am not thinking. I may be indecisive at times but I like to think it through first. But in occasions like this, I am always dumbfounded! But I have no regrets getting Transitions lenses.

What is Transitions lenses?

A photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to changing light to protect your eyes. Good for day and night time use.

Why is it convenient to use:
  • it can adjust quickly and automatically to changing light
  • as clear as clear lenses when indoors or at night
  • comfortably dark when outdoors or in bright sunlight
  • reduce glare with Crizal Alize anti- reflective coating to improve visual comfort and eye fatigue.

Benefits of Transitions lenses:
  • Protecting children's developing eyes. Since children are outdoors most of the times, their eyes are 3x more at risk from sun damage.
  • 100% protects adults eyes from UV rays (UVA and UVB)
  • For eye surgery patients, this is highly recommended because your eyes are now extra sensitive to sunlight, glare and UV radiation. 
To sum it up, I got 2 benefits in 1 eyeglasses!