Kao-Chi Restaurant

My visit: December 4, 2010

Kao-Chi Restaurant
109 NS Amoranto, 
Maharlika, Quezon City
4107788   4107799

DH had been bugging me to try a new Chinese restaurant right in front of where we have our car washed.  Finally, we were able to try Kao-Chi Restaurant. I was expecting simple interior much like the ones in Banawe area. But I was taken aback. The ambiance was like that of Choi Garden. Red, dimly-lit and a few couches with blue lights on one of its wall panel. 

When we learned that they are offering Shanghai cuisine. We were kind of disappointed. When we were in Shanghai, the food was not compatible with our palate. Shanghai cuisine is hot. We set our expectations low and ordered our food.

We had two appetizers to start with:

 honey glazed spare ribs PhP188

Think of your saucer plate, now that's how tiny the serving is.

but it was good

A bit sweet, well, it's honey glazed right? It was served cold. I would order something else on the appetizer for its price next time.

 red date fruit & lotus beans in sweet sauce PhP120

DH ordered the rest of the succeeding photos. We both agreed that the red date fruit & lotus beans in sweet sauce is worth our trip in this restaurant. This one is also served cold. But we haven't tasted the other food that we ordered. To our delight more good food was served. 

 sauteed spinach PhP238

This order is quite peculiar. The spinach is topped with salted egg, century egg and tofu. And it is teeming with sauce. Peculiar but good. We will order this once we go back.

 crab roe xiao long pao (6pcs.) PhP188

You all read about my Crystal Jade xiao long bao post right? Now, this is better. The wrapper is not that thick as I can remember. The soup inside is hot. And the taste is right!

 pan fried pork dumplings (6 pieces) PhP138

 I miss my Taipei days where I can just go down from where I am staying and buy pan fried dumplings. This order brings back my good food Taipei memories!

A few misses like the server was not as knowledgeable as she should be on the items on the menu and the service was quite slow- we have to asked for water a few times before it was finally served. So far, this is the only restaurant with soft opening sign that has my thumbs up sign on food hehe

We will definitely be back!