Pond's Gold Radiance

My event: February 1, 2010

Pond's Gold Radiance 
Interview with Tweetie de Leon
Shang Palace, Makati Shangri-la


My 2011 is going to be a beautiful year! Why? Because I am swarming with beauty products lol 

You all know how I have always been a fan of Pond's. You can find several posts here in my blog. It was my mom who influenced and got me hooked on this brand. Naturally, I was so excited when I got the invite to attend an intimate interview with none other than Pond's Gold Radiance spokesperson, Ms. Tweetie de Leon- Gonzales.

Pond's Gold Radiance entire range
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse PhP399
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream SPF 15 PA++ PhP799 (50ml)
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Facial Foam PhP249
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair PhP799
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream PhP699 (15ml)
  • Pond's Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum PhP799 (30ml)

Tweetie de Leon- Gonzales in her barely there make-up

43 year old mom of 4 slash top model slash jewelry designer, Ms. Tweetie de Leon is the newest endorser of Pond's newest anti aging line, Pond's Gold Radiance. Tweetie embodies a woman of age and yet never lost her luster. Her beauty radiates even with only a slight hint of make up! I know because I saw her up close as I was seated next to her in our round table group discussion. 

I am so eager to learn more about the newest Pond's range has to offer. A breakthrough product, Pond's Gold Radiance promises to be even better than Pond's Age Miracle. Because along with CL4, this product is infused with real gold microparticles- 98.5% if you must know!  

First, let me discuss what CL4 does to your skin. There are four main ingredients in CL4 and these are CLA, AHA, Retinol and Retinol Boosters. Here's how it works: AHA exfoliates the topmost layer of the skin, Stratum Corneum, which mostly composed of dead skin cells. The three remaining ingredients act in skin's basal layer. CLA stimulates production of new cells and activates cells. Retinol stimulates production of collagen and elastin while Retinol Boosters, as the name suggests, enhance the efficacy of Retinol. With four active ingredients, Pond's Gold Radiance improves the texture, color, evenness of tone and hydration of skin! What more can you ask for?

step by step application of Pond's Gold Radiance according to Tweetie de leon

In the video, I get to ask Ms. Tweetie her daily regimen using the Pond's Gold Radiance line. Watch and listen how she does it!

I am able to experience 5 out of 6 products for almost a week now. I find Pond's Gold Radiance Serum the most promising of them all. With its gel-like consistency, it spreads easily without feeling greasy right after application. Plus, the serum contains Vitamin B3 which helps reduce age spots. I know I need this because my freckles are starting to show and I am not even in my 40's! And best of all, this has the most gold flakes amongst the entire line giving your face a luxurious feel. Imagine that! I am such a pampered girl feeling like a queen!

medicine dropper like top cap

At first, I find it hard to use the dropper until I learned the technique of pressing down the button on top as you remove the top cap and then releasing the button as you insert it back to get hold of a pea size amount of the serum. You have to repeat this process with each pea size amount that you want. Good thing, I only use a drop or two for my entire face haha 

Pond's Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum- most infused gold flakes

Here is my Pond's Gold Radiance product review:

Day time
  • I wash my face with Pond's Gold Radiance Facial Foam for that squeaky clean feel. 
  • Then I apply a generous amount of Pond's Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream. When I noticed specks of gold glimmer around my eye area that's when I think I have enough moisture. No powdery, icky feel to it. Did you know that I normally don't sleep on my side for fear of fine lines forming on the sides of my eyes? Even if I do, I make sure that the there's no crease on my pillow cover when I put the side of face on it to avoid wrinkles or crow's feet haha 
  • After that, I use a drop or two of Pond's Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum and spread it all over my face, neck included. 
  • If I am not going out of the house, Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream SPF 15 PA++ would be the last product I put on my face. The texture is light and can easily be spread on your entire face. No white streaks- usually found in sunblock application if not blended well. After all, this is first and foremost a moisturizer that addresses the problems of skin aging. If I have to go out and do some errands even just for a moment, I slathered on a suncreen with a higher SPF. A little bit of trivia: When buying a sunscreen, always look for Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide in the list of ingredients so you can be sure that the product you are buying is worth your hard earned money. I am happy to announce that both the eye cream (Zinc Oxide) and the day cream (Titanium Dioxide) has these ingredients. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. SPF 15 can give you an average of an hour of sun protection before reapplying sunscreen. UVB rays are the strongest at around 10am to 4pm so always remember to avoid the sun at this time of the day. 
Night time
  • To remove my make up, I use Pond's Cold Cream and then I wash my face. 
  • Since Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair sits on an open mouthed jar, I use a spatula to get the cream and with my finger I dab it on my forehead, cheeks and chin. Right after, I massage the product in circular motion on my face and neck. It is creamier than the day cream so be sure to spread it out evenly. I like the suppleness my face feels right after application. I felt that this product is enough to moisturize my face for the entire night. This product is also turning out to be a favorite of mine next to the youth serum. 
Apart from the distinct smell that I can't fathom what to call, there was hardly any bad reaction on my skin. In each box, it states non comedogenic and dermatologist tested. If your skin is sensitive, kindly seek an advice from a reputable dermatologist first before using the product/s. All products above were provided for by Pond's Institute.

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Aranaz gold clutch exclusively made for Pond's

with Tweetie de Leon, Pond's Gold Radiance endorser

with Rissa Mananquil, Pond's Age Miracle endorser

Tweetie with Jacqe Yuengtian, Pond's Senior Brand Manager

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