Jewelmer Pearl Care Kit

Late last year, I got a text from Jewelmer that I have a pearl care kit waiting for me in their Eastwood branch. At first, I thought it was dubious. But then I was assured that I don't have to buy anything and that it's just a simple token to their customers. So, I went and got my kit! No hassle at all.

I was only able to use it this week to clean all my pearls ; ) It was so easy to use.

 pearl cleaning kit

Pearl Care Kit includes:
  • 12 pearl sachets
  • a luxury microfiber pearl polishing cloth

Instructions on how to clean pearls:
  1. Use the moist tissue to clean the pearls, be careful and  avoid the thread if it's a necklace
  2. Dry the pearls with the cloth provided
*suitable for cleaning soft stones and costume jewellery

Incidentally, I recently went back to Jewelmer Eastwood and saw these two exquisite rings. I am thinking of buying a ring to pair it with my earrings. Help me choose the design, will you?

 Jewelmer ring #1

Jewelmer ring #2

I am torn between these two rings. My birthday is coming up and I am going to get one for myself that's for sure ; p I am just waiting for the right pearl to come.

Thanks for the pearl cleaning kit, Jewelmer!