MakeUp for Asian Eyes

I am not a make up guru nor a make up artist but I know how to put make up on my own. I learned putting on make up from my numerous salon trip. I paid quite a few times for a professional make up artist to prettify my face during graduation, senior prom, debut to becoming a part of the wedding entourage but I see to it that I learn a couple of tips here and there. It's like a free make up tutorial haha

open eye make up

Having a monolid eyes sucks if you don't know how to enhance your God given feature. I learned how to love my almond eyes! You, too, can do your make up on your own. All it takes is practice, practice and more practice!

step by step guide on how I do my own version of asian make up

first things first... I use elf Eyelid Primer... thanks Nikki of AskMeWhats!

Step by step asian eye make up
  1. I use a brow brush to spread The Body Shop 03 Eye Definer Shade: Taupe PhP100
  2. I use my middle finger to spread Calvin Klein 305 Tempting Glimmer sheer creme eyeshadow Snakeskin Silver all over the entire eyelid. 
  3. While my eye is close, I put on Hello Kitty eyeshadows by H&M in dark metallic gray using The Body Shop eyeshadow brush just above the shape of the eye ball. Make sure the edge is darker. Using CVS Essence of Beauty Deluxe Duo Set, Blending  & Eye Shadow, to blend the eye make up making it softer near the tear duct. 
  4. Use The Body Shop 2010 01 Eye Palette Shade: Twilight 05 Pearl Cream Highlighter to highlight the brow bone. 
  5. I use Kate Gel Eye Liner in Br-1, to make a cat's eye or winged eye. Watch the video tutorial on how to make one!

winged eye make up tutorial

here's what my asian eye make up looks like with my eyes close

outfit of the day: NET dress from Taiwan taken in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

Enjoy and have a blessed day!