Body Shaper

All it took was a little ribbing from my friend, Gevi and I bought a body shaper/ body binder from SO- EN. That's not the end of it, after wearing it for over a week, I bought two more as back ups. This time, I seek a different brand to try out, Sogo. The battle of the brands, Sogo and SO-EN begins.

top: Sogo lingerie waistline reducer in beige PhP875.75 
bottom: SO-EN body shaper in cream PhP499.75

Body shaper goes by many names like body pincher, elastic waistband, waistline reducer and body binder.

 Sogo (top) vs SO-EN (bottom)

Both brands are proudly Philippine made. SO-EN fabric is made of nylon elastane. Both can make your body stand straight. Sogo has six (6) bones while SO-EN has seven (7) bones. 

  • body shaper is great for everyday wear as it fits snugly 
  • it can be worn for long hours
  • it is shorter therefore covers only minimal area but gives the illusion of trimmed waist just the same.

  • waistline reducer can be worn on special occasions like when I graced the Pond's event 
  • wear it if you want a curvier look
  • I couldn't wear it for too long because it felt like wearing a corset
  • it is too tight-fitting 
  • longer than SO-EN that it reached my rib cage area
  • your waist will surely be visible 
  • it will surely trim your waistline a few inches smaller.

wearing my beige Sogo extra strong elastic waistband

dress: Plains & Prints
shoes: SUKI

I am happy with both brands. Each has its own purpose. Now, you know my secret hehe