California Crunch Cassava Chips

Commercial muna! I have too many backlogs... ack! 

A couple of weeks ago, I found a paper bag containing 4 bags of chips at my doorstep. Inside the package was California Crunch Cassava Chips in two flavors- Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onions. 

As soon as I walked in my bedroom, DH saw me holding a bag full of chips. I knew he wanted to try it.  After taking a few snapshots,  I handed him a bag of California Crunch Cassava Chips barbecue. He tore it open and after eating a few chips, he handed it back to me because he found the chips rather too sweet for his taste. I like it though. DH and I are always like that- we don't have the same preference. I guess opposites attract? lol I like that initially the barbecue chip tastes sweet and soon after, the spicy taste would kick in. Oh, it's crunchier than some of the chips I am used to. 

mom trying out California Crunch Sour Cream & Onions PhP44.50

My mom loves chips! In fact, everywhere we go, she has this little brown paper bag where she lugs all her knickknacks along with a bag of chips, candies or Ovalteenies. I gave her the remaining 3 bags of chips because I know she will be happy to learn that she will be eating a healthier snack. 

Did you know that cassava has twice the fiber content and a higher level of Potassium than potatoes? And that it has 30%less fat than potato chips and 0% cholesterol. You can give this snack a try and make the switch! 

California Crunch Cassava Chips 120grams. 

Love the taste and enjoy the crunch!

Available in SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Gourdo's.