Koi Pond

It's already Thursday and I still have so much to posts. I am not feeling good today so I will keep this entry short and sweet lol

As part of our garden landscape, we have this waterfall that drops into a pond where numerous koi live. Precious, my Pomeranian, loves to look at the koi when I am feeding them. 

still shot of koi in our pond

Koi- a common carp of a large ornamental variety, originally bred in Japan.

Take a look at the koi on the leftmost of the photo with its mouth open- very eager, huh? lol

Watch the video below to see the koi in feeding frenzy.

feeding my koi

I think the koi were just fed when I took this video around 10am. At first, they were not excited about the treats that I have thrown until one of the koi saw and ate it. Then the feeding began hehe You should see the koi in the afternoon when they are really hungry hehe 

Where are you off to this weekend? I wanted to go to the beach so hopefully I will be better by Saturday!