The Real Thing Diner

My visit: March 25, 2011

The Real Thing Diner
Il Terrazzo,
Quezon City

Cats, Gevi and I see each other once in every few months. After weeks of trying to set a meeting, we finally agreed to have girl bonding moment over dinner on a Friday night. We decided to try a fairly new restaurant located in Il Terrazzo, Quezon City called The Real Thing. As its name suggests, this restaurant's interior is inspired by Coke! Red and white is the color scheme for the entire place.

spicy Sarsi wings PhP199

This dish unanimously got all three of our votes. Deliciously juicy and saucy! My friends were actually thinking of ordering another one but I reminded them that we still have other dishes to try and taste. I think an order has 6 chicken wings, so all three of us had a fair share lol

my college buddies- Cats and Gevi

These two are getting skinnier each time I see them. I think I have the biggest face of them all haha

Everything inside the restaurant- from the place mats, menu, outdoor umbrella, chairs and table screams Coca- cola! Good thing, Gevi and I wore red lipsticks hehe

Hail Caesar salad PhP149

My friends were game enough to share this salad with me. It's a small order and yet all three of us were able to partake of the salad.

Coca- Cola baby back ribs PhP399

The sauce was unlike the rib sauce that I am used to. The sauce tasted different. Ok, it tasted more like  burnt coke. When you look at the ribs, it's so dark that it doesn't look so appetizing, noh? But the meat is tender so you won't be needing a knife. We almost couldn't finish the whole thing because we were so full already from the generous serving of fries and corn & carrot sidings. 

Jambalaya PhP229

My friends were complaining that this dish was too oily. Gevi even wrote her complaint in the comment sheet that the waiter asked her to fill. I think she wrote the word greasy haha She even pointed to us the oil left on the plate. 

at Blue Water Day Spa

On our last meet up before this, Gevi has this crazy idea that all three of us should have a massage. So after dinner, we went to the nearest reputable massage place near Il Terrazzo, Blue Water Day Spa. We spent a fortune, alright, PhP550 + PhP50 tip for a foot massage while watching a movie. 

The downside is that when someone entered the cinema ahead of you, he/she gets to choose the movie. We ended up watching part of the movie "Shopaholic". But with the distraction of sight and sound, I was not really able to relax. Both of my friends felt the same way. Maybe what we needed is a private room and a body massage haha

After the experience, we felt that it's a wrong move to go to a spa on a girl's night out. We wasted a good one hour and didn't get the chance to bond and talk. So, off we went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where we spent the last few remaining pesos that we have left on our wallet.

We went home broke but full of happy chatty memories lol Till our next meeting! See you girls soon!