Angelica Panganiban for Pond's White Beauty Naturals

My event: June 14, 2011

Pond's White Beauty Naturals
Sunset Pavillion, Sofitel

I was invited to the launching of Pond's natural product line called Pond's White Beauty Naturals. That night, the latest endorser was also announced.

with endorser Angelica Panganiban

The theme of the night is fashionably eco- friendly. Unlike during the CLEAR shampoo event, this time around I complied and wore a dress with floral design. 

invite sent to my house

The mint plant above was sent over to my house a few days before the event. The attached card says Uncover Mother Nature's new secret with Pond's. Intriguing isn't it?

Camellia Oil Marinated Tuna Carpaccio with Apple Dressing, Sayote, Carrots and Sesame Salad, Fresh Mango and Nori Cracker

Keeping up with the theme and using the main ingredient of Pond's White Beauty Naturals, Camellia oil, dinner was served. 

pan fried Salmon fillet with coriander mashed potato with garden vegetable, beurre blanc and parsley camellia drizzle

Apart from the salmon fillet, Mexican style black bean cream soup with tortilla chips was served. 

hazelnut parfait with chocolate and vanilla sauces

The dessert is yummy! I love it. All these yummy food photo was created by Sofitel's Executive Sous Chef Arnold.

with beauty bloggers and Rissa Mananquil, brand ambassador of Pond's Age Miracle

While waiting for the program to start, beauty bloggers and I have our photo taken with Rissa Mananquil.  

Angelica talks about Pond's White Beauty Naturals

Angelica Panganiban with host Luanne Dy

Angelica Panganiban was on stage a little less than 30 minutes. She was radiant and beautiful with flawless skin. When interviewed by Luanne, Angelica told her and the audience that she doesn't wear make up when not working. The product helps her maintain a blemish- free face.

I love beauty events because I get to see beautiful people! I actually didn't notice that the whole program was over because we were all talking non stop while taking group pictures. After eating the dessert, I saw Angelica being surrounded by traditional media on the side of the stage ad then she stepped out of the venue.

Angelica near the entrance

I saw her near the entrance and took this photo. Soon enough, bloggers were given a chance to have a photo op with her. 

Pond's White Beauty Naturals Gentle Exfoliating Foam 100g PhP150

Pond's White Beauty Naturals Day Cream 50g PhP249

I have not yet tried the products above. As of now, I am using Pond's Age Miracle facial wash. Let's see how it goes after I finish my trial run with Age Miracle. 

Till my next post!