Bonding with cousin in Recipes by Cafe Metro

My visit: September 23, 2011

Recipes by Cafe Metro
Shangri-la Plaza Mall

This is a long overdue meeting with my cousin, Helen. Ever since she got back from her working stint in Singapore, I have not seen her nor her little boy! Am I glad to see her again ; )

General's Chicken PhP215

I suggested that we have our rendezvous in Recipes by Cafe Metro since I was pretty much satisfied with the food that was served there, if my memory serves me well lol

The photo above is of General's Chicken. It kinda reminded me of this dish that I am really fond of ordering when I was in Taipei. This version has eggplant instead of nuts that is found in the Taiwanese version. This dish's sauce closely resembles sweet & sour with only a slight hint of the sourness ; p It is not overly sweet so I give this a thumbs up!

Thai Spring Rolls PhP138

My dad ordered Thai Spring Rolls, an appetizer on the menu but can very well serve as an entree. Pair it with rice and soon you will be asking for more. If I am not mistaken, glass noodles were incorporated in this dish so it is very filling to say the least.

Crispy Tilapia PhP215

This dish is filleted whole tilapia meat, cut into rectangular pieces then deep fried to achieve the crispiness of the fish. The sauce was served along with the dish.

Gising Gising PhP170

Their version of Gising Gising, a vegetable cooked in coconut milk, is very spicy!!! Note the three exclamation points hahaha I am married to a Bicolano and I thought that I have tasted the maximum level of spiciness lol This dish is a favorite of my mom's.

with my parents and cousin, Helen

It was my cousin who paid for this lunch treat! She outsmarted me by going directly to the cashier. I must say it was very cunning move lol Thanks cuz!

It was my turn to treat her later that afternoon in Dome Cafe. Read more about it on my next post! Have a great weekend everyone!