Cook your own: Embutido

My mom makes a mean embutido. When I got married, it was one of the dishes that I asked her to teach me. 


Embutido is a traditional Filipino meatloaf.


  • 1/2 kilo of lean ground meat
  • 3 eggs (2 hard boiled- sliced)
  • a cup of raisins
  • a cup of finely chopped onions
  • 1 carrot (1/2 shredded; 1/2 sliced)
  • 2 pieces red/green bell pepper (1/2 sliced; 1/2 finely chopped)
  • slices of cheese- the more the merrier!
  • 1 small jar of pickle relish
  • All purpose flour or cornstarch
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce

 mix all ingredient except those that you sliced

Be sure to drain the pickle relish before putting it in the bowl. My helper made the mistake of putting the entire content of the jar in the bowl... waaaaah! I had to scoop the pickle juice (is that what you call it?) out of the bowl.

mix with hands

Be sure to wash your hands clean before mixing all the ingredients with your bare hands. After mixing, it should look something like the photo above.

in a sauce pan, deep fry 1 bola- bola shaped embutido

Make a flat bola- bola shaped embutido and deep fry it in a pan.

taste test

Adjust according to taste. Add more salt and/or soy sauce if it is bland. Mix a little bit more All Purpose Flour if the mixture does not hold up. I think I put 9 tablespoons of All Purpose Flour in this mixture. Remember, my helper put in the pickle relish with its juice... gaaah!

put oil on the aluminum foil

spread the embutido mix; put the sliced ingredients on top

I like my embutido filled with egg and cheese so I put a lot of it ; )

fold the aluminum so that the embutido could take its shape

steam the embutido for at least 30 minutes or until done

You can now place it inside the refrigerator for future consumption.

cooked embutido

you can either place it in an oven toaster

my very own embutido

You can serve it cold or you can deep fry it. I usually place it inside an oven toaster and heat it for a good 10 minutes. That way, the cheese in the center is a bit melted ; )

I miss sharing my recipes with you guys! These days, I already have a helper to do the job so I don't get to cook much in the kitchen lol