Stylish hair braid in Boracay!

Here is my first of a series of Boracay posts. When you leave two thirty something giddy girls in Boracay, what do you think the first thing they would do? Hair braid, of course! 

We chanced upon an "ate" behind this temporary shed in front of Gasthof while walking towards Station 3. She looked nice and so we asked her how much for a half hair braid. "PhP150" she said. Go!


She works really well and fast too! I did not feel a tug or a pull while she is braiding my hair. The hair braid she did looks better than the girls that did my hair when I went to Puerto Galera.  It lasted longer too. I had it done Monday and the braid stayed in place until I took it off Sunday morning.

sectioning my hair

braiding my hair

 top view of hair braid

with Juvy

My hair braid was done in less than 30 minutes.

working her magic with Gevi's hair

Gevi's hair is another story. One of her hair braid has loosen up. We went looking for Juvy on Day 3 of our vacation but she was nowhere to be found. We asked the girl in the next stall if she could fix the loose braid in Gevi's hair and she did. But it didn't come out as nice as Juvy did. Gevi paid PhP20 as tip for the job. 

call Juvy at 09282931466

What do you do when in Boracay? I know get henna tattoo!