Gift Guide: Nivea Lip Care and Nivea Body Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk

A few weeks ago, I got 6 different Nivea Lip Care in the mail! Great timing as these lip moisturizers are perfect stocking fillers or you can also give these if you have Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) activity in the office. 

 Nivea Natural Volume  SPF30+ 8.5ml PhP175

Among the 6 variants, I opened Nivea Natural Volume first because the carton said it provides natural volume and beautiful shine with collagen enhancer & light reflecting pigments plus it locks in moisture!

See the result after the break...

Nivea Natural Volume under a fluorescent light

Captures and reflects the light, instantly leaving a beautiful shine for noticeable volume

result- natural and beautiful lips

The product is shiny giving you the illusion of a fuller lips. The good news is that even though it is shiny, it is not sticky at all. If I may add, it tastes good too hahaha Just think of grape flavored lip moisturizer ; p

 not sticky at all

I only apply a single stroke of Nivea Natural Volume on my lips, the shine remains for a long period except when I eat then I have to reapply again. It is lightly tinted so I can do away with lipstick. These days, I am donning the "no makeup look" to let my skin breathe. 

Below are the other variants of Nivea Lip Care:

Nivea Angel Star SPF 10 4.8g PhP80

Nivea Fruity Shine Pink Guava SPF 10 4.8g PhP80

This product has a Scratch and Sniff packaging. Don't you love that? Brings back childhood memories of other Scratch & Sniff products hehehe

 Nivea Med Protection SPF 15 4.8g PhP89

My niece who has chapped lips would love to have this!

 Nivea Soft Rose UV Protection 4.8g PhP80

 Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate SPF 10 4.8g PhP80

I will surely be bringing one Nivea Lip Care on my trip to Korea!

Nivea Body Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk 125 ml PhP139

Along with the 6 variants of Nivea Lip Care, Nivea also sent Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk. I saw this in a TV ad, it says that this body lotion gives you 50x more Vitamin C for healthy and extra fair skin. I don't want the "fair" part of the ad because that would make me white as a ghost hahaha I just want the healthy benefit of using the product ; p

the consistency is not too creamy nor too watery

Unlike other body lotions that I have used, this is not too creamy at all. 

What is in a Super Fruit Extracts?

Camu Camu (Myciaria Dubia) is a native fruit from the Amazonian rainforest that has the highest recorded amount of natural ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) than ay known fruit on the planet. Compared to Lemon, it has 50x more Vitamin C power. It also has a full complement of minerals and amino acids that help the absorption of Vitamin C.

spreads well and easily absorb by the skin

I apply the amount on my palm (shown above) directly onto my arms. There is no sticky feeling afterwards. The fruity scent will leave your skin smelling fresh. You can reapply as frequently as you want. 

My sister loves Nivea so she will be getting this in her Christmas stocking!

Also available in the following sizes 50ml PhP55, 250ml PhP219 and 400ml PhP329