Favorite: Sweet Stuff By Jill... Matcha Chocolate Lace Cookie!

After sharing "Gift Guide" in my previous posts, I want to share a couple of gifts that I received during the holiday in my succeeding posts. To begin with, I got a box of Sweet Stuff By Jill from our friend, JQS. 

Matcha Chocolate Lace Cookie

The Matcha Chocolate is sandwiched in between the cookie. Thin and crispy- licious is how I describe it!

(l-r) Dark Chocolate Lace Cookie, Black Sesame Chocolate Cookie & Matcha Chocolate Cookie

I love the elegant blue packaging box that holds these precious cookies. A box like this contained 3 flavors with 5 pieces of each kind.

Sweet Stuff by Jill 09173210700

Totally addicting! A bit messy... crumbs do fall off, you know! The cookie is so delicate, it breaks off easily.

one large cookie

I have been secretly hoping that somebody will give me this as a Christmas gift. I am glad JSQ made the right decision of giving me one lol Here's a big thank you from the pit of my stomach lol