McDonald's Miniature Store Collection by Papa McDo

It is my honor to introduce to you my 71 year old uncle, Albert Ng- McDonald's biggest fan thus crew members call him "Papa McDo" ; )

 a small- scale  replica of McDonald's Fontera Verde

He invited me to his humble abode late November over a lumpia feast to showcase his new found passion, building small- scale McDonald's restaurants from recycled materials.

Read along as I show you why he deserves the number 1 fan badge!

Papa McDo tells his McDonald's story

My uncle took me back in time. He animatedly described how he came up with the idea of building a small-scale models of McDonald's branches and what fueled his passion for McDonald's.

the car that started it all

This was the car that was given to him by his eldest daughter as a gift. After he dreamt of constructing a branch of McDonald's, it became sort of an inspiration to his now growing number of small- scale McDonald's collection.

McDonald's Antipolo

Go to McDonald's Antipolo branch and be amazed at the fact that he had painstakingly copied it down to its minute detail. There's even a McDonald's "Welcome Mat" near the entrance ; p

even happy meal characters are present

Yes, the table is made of a nail, the one you use with a hammer ; p I am not sure what is used for the tiles though. I was amazed the whole time that I forgot to ask questions lol Look, Ma, there is even a McSavers Meal poster on the wall!

Drive- Thru

There's even a Drive- Thru for all your food to go!

wheelchair access

Ronald Mc Donald, faux green grass and even a wheelchair access for wheelchair bound McDonald's lovers are all part of the branch. 

McDonald's Tomas Morato

McDonald's Tomas Morato is one of the newer model that he added to his collection. You can see how his work improves as he continue on with his hobby. He has installed LED lightings for all the lights that you see in the photo above. 

another angle of McDonald's Tomas Morato branch

first ever model made- McDonald's Emerald Avenue branch

Even on his first try in McDonald's miniature design, it was a hit amongst the people who saw and was well appreciated. This inspired him to do better by doing more complex designs like the McDonald's Fontera Verde. 

First miniature McDonald's branch Uncle Albert Ng build

top view of McDonald's Fontera Verde

He made another replica of the Fontera Verde branch because he gave the first model to none other than George Yang- the person who we have to thank for bringing McDo to our country. 

under the canopy tent

facade of the Fontera Verde branch

McCafe sign

McDonald's Fontera Verde miniature replica

video detail of McDonald's Fontera Verde

shot through the "glass" window

I have blogged about the 4 newly re-opened McDonald's stores only last September but my uncle has already built a miniature replica of one of the stores- North Avenue! He even upgraded his work by using LED lights to light up the store's facade and the McDonald's Golden Arches.

Allegro style design from Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA)

Allegro Urban Theme uses darker shades with a contemporary cafe look. 

Mr. Tidy Man is even present

dining area

entrance door

Allegro Urban Theme

another angle of the dining area

McDonald's logo 

McDonald's car designed by Albert Ng

McDonald's delivery truck, HAVI

Albert Ng and his Mc Donald receipt collection

My uncle once guested on Korina's TV show- Rated K and talked about traveling to each and every branch of McDonald's branch near and far just to collect the receipts. In his first attempt, his effort had gone to waste because the receipts faded. Now, he knows better to photocopy each one before compiling it in this precious album above.

my uncle Albert & I

I know this post is long overdue but it certainly is worth the wait in time for Christmas ; ) 

To my dear uncle Albert, thank you for opening your home and your collection to me and my readers.