Gift Guide: Bakersville Bagels

Fort Bonifacio
near Starbucks drive- thru
Sat- Sun of December 2011 
7am to 2pm
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Last week, several packs of bagels were delivered right at my doorstep. It was a gift from photographer turned Chef Marco Abesamis. 

Bakersville Boulangerie & Patisserie just launched its hand made bagel line which includes NY style variants- Plain, Savory Onion, Roasted Garlic and Whole Wheat. Other variants include Cinnamon Raisin and other custom-order flavors. 

 Bakersville Bagels

NY Style variants are better for health, compared to other breads in the market. The recipe does not include egg, butter and milk. It uses honey instead of sugar. Those that require little oil have Canola Oil in them to make them as healthy as possible.

I had my first taste of bagel when I was in Toronto. It was early in the morning when DH and I stopped by Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee and bagels. I could not forget that experience so I always buy commercially available bagels here in the supermarket to relive it. 

Now, let's get on with the taste test...

 Kraft Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese

Bagels are best paired with cream cheese. Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese is pricier, you can opt for a less expensive one like Pan de Manila's herbed cream cheese.

 bagel with cream cheese on top

Steps in making a perfect bagel with cream cheese:

  1. Slice the bagel into half
  2. Heat the bagel in the oven toaster for a good 3 minutes; Do Not microwave!!!
  3. Put a generous amount of cream cheese on top
  4. Savour the goodness of crusty and chewy hand-made bagel

The bagel passed that taste test. DH even gave it a thumbs up when he had it for breakfast! He is a very picky eater, you know!

Bakersville Christmas packaging... ready to be given away!

Did you know that...

It takes at least two days to make these hand-made bagels due to a long fermentation, resting, and shaping process. A special procedure is even done to give them their special characteristics of chewiness and crustiness.

Place the bread in the freezer to extend its life and maintain its freshness

NY Style Plain Bagels are available for PhP100 for a pack of 3; NY Roasted garlic, NY Savory Onion and NY Whole Wheat Bagels are available for PhP120 for a pack of 3. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are PhP130 for a pack of 3.