The Riverside Hotel Korea

My visit: December 27, 2011

The Riverside Hotel
6-1, Jamwon-dong, 
Seocho-gu, Apgujeong/ Cheongdam,
Seoul, Korea

Looks can be deceiving! The Riverside Hotel seems impressive at first because it is a boutique hotel. This is my least favorite hotel. Thank goodness we only stayed here for two nights. Read after the break to find out why I am pissed off...

twin bed ; (

On our fourth night, we still didn't get the bed that we requested for. I would later find out that king size bed is hard to come by in Korea ; (

Our twin beds were neatly tucked. The room is quite small but so are the rest of the hotel rooms that we have stayed in. I like the headboard. It gives the room an added class ; p

other side of the room

What's in the room:

  • LCD TV
  • Free WIFI/ LAN
  • Coffee/ Tea maker

toilet & bath

Here goes my rant...

When I took the shower the next day, I had difficulty mixing the hot & cold water. Upon setting it to the desired temperature, the water that comes out would suddenly turn so hot. I thought that they would have fixed the problem because one traveller even wrote about it in Tripadvisor

The next day, DH removed the shower head and that solved the problem. I hope the hotel could fix this problem ASAP. 

sink area

dinner that night

Our dinner is a Korean stew with lots and lots of vegetables. It's very delicious and we had Coke for the first time that night lol

Next stop Changdeokgung Palace and Kimchi Making!